Join Dive Point Zanzibar

for an unforgettable snorkeling experience!

The snorkeling excursion involves a boat trip to Mnemba Atoll from Matemwe or Tumbatu Island from Nungwi, the best snorkeling spots in Zanzibar! You will enjoy two 45 minute long snorkeling sessions at different sites. In between your snorkel stops you will have a 45  minute break with snacks and tea. Following your last stop, the boat will return to the dive center.

Like snorkeling but want to experience the world beneath you? If you have never dived before but would like to, you can partake in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program!

Minimum age: 10 years


  • Pack a bag containing:
    • Sunscreen
    • A swimsuit
    • A towel
    • Waterproof camera, if you have one
  • Leave your valuables at the hotel, if possible. You will also be able to leave your bag in locked office at the dive center. If you wish to take your phone with you on the boat, Dive Point Zanzibar provides a couples shared waterproof bags for each boat.

We hope that this answers all your questions regarding the snorkeling excursion, but do not hesitate to ask our staff about anything you might wish to know!


See you at Dive Point Zanzibar!

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Snorkeling Trip

At the dive center:
  • There will be a meet and greet at the dive center by our team who will brief you
  • We will be fit you for a wetsuit, reef-shoes, fins, a mask and a snorkel
  • You will put on your wetsuit and reef-shoes
  • The rest of your equipment (numbered, so that you and the staff can keep track of which items were chosen for you) will be loaded on to the boat by the staff
  • Your clothing and bag can be left behind- they will be locked in the office


  • The exact point where you board the boat will depend on the tides, it might be the jetty right by Dive Point Zanzibar or a beach, 10 minutes away by foot (transport can be arranged for anyone with a mobility impairment)
  • The staff will help you safely and easily board the boat
On the boat:
  • The staff will introduce the crew and give a safety briefing as well as explain the itinerary of the trip
  • Water is available for everyone. Just ask the staff if you are thirsty
  • The trip to the snorkeling site will take around 15 minutes

At the 1st snorkeling site:

  • Your snorkeling guide will help you put on your gear (life jackets and rings are available for those who need them) and answer any questions you have
  • Time to jump in to the water! Once you’re in the ocean, you will follow your guide while he shows you the magnificent marine life teaming under the surface.
  • The first session lasts around 45 minutes
  • The team will help you safely and quickly get back on the boat


  • The boat will now move to a secondary location
  • You will be offered snacks and tea
  • The break is around 30-45 minutes long.

At the 2nd snorkeling site:

  • Your snorkeling guide will help you put on your gear
  • Time to jump in to the water!
  • The second session lasts around 45 minutes
  • The staff will help you safely and quickly get back on the boat
Back to shore:
  • The boat will now head back to shore
  • The landing spot depends on the tides, and will be at most a 10 minute walk away from the dive center
Back at Dive Point:
  • You will receive your clothing and personal belongings
  • You can dry off and change in the bathrooms
  • Feel free to jump in for a swim in the pool

After everything is settled it is time to head home.