Discover Scuba Diving

Not sure if you are ready to commit to taking a dive course? The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program allows you to try the basics and see if diving is for you!

Duration: 2x Half a Day

Prerequisites: No diving experience needed but swimming skills are required. A medical statement must be reviewed prior to starting the program. The answers to all the questions must be negative otherwise clearance by a diving physician is required.

Price: 150$

Additional dive 50$ (You can decide on the boat if you wish to do the second dive)

Day 1: First you will meet your instructor in the afternoon at 2:30 or 3:30pm. Together you will go through the basic dive theory necessary for you to be able to dive. This includes information about pressure change, equalization, equipment use and general diving knowledge. Next, it’s time to enter the pool and get comfortable with the equipment and being in the water. Finally, you will also practice the most important skills involved in diving and swimming with scuba equipment.

Duration: 1 – 2 hours.

Day 2: Meeting time at the dive center is at 8:30am. You and your instructor will get geared up and head to the boat ready to dive. The maximum depth for the dives is 12 meters but we do not have to go this deep. In fact, the dive can easily be conducted in shallower water and depends on the conditions and your comfort level. The dive should last around 50 minutes, depending on your air consumption.
After the first dive you can decide to do an additional dive (for the additional fee of $50). However, if you don’t want to do the extra dive, you can enjoy snorkeling at the second site with a  guide. This is included in the price of the course!

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving is not a certification course. It is the chance to experience the pleasures of scuba diving and see the amazing marine life of Mnemba Atoll.

Open Water E-learning

Duration: 3 days
Prerequisites: The Open Water course doesn’t require any previous diving experience, however you must be able to swim. The medical statement must be completed with all answers to all the questions being negative. If there are any ‘yes’ answers on your medical questionnaire, you will need to be cleared by a diving physician. This course will give you the PADI Open Water certification which allows you to dive to 18m with a buddy.

You will need to complete the theory part of the course online, prior to arrival.  This is an additional fee paid directly to PADI and not included in the price stated below. E-learning can be done on a computer or touchpad. You can purchase the e-learning by following this link:

This is payable directly to PADI. The remainder of the course is completed with us at the below rate.

Price: 370$

Once your PADI Open Water course is finally done, why not continue with some diving, just for fun!


1: Pool session –  5 confined water dives, normally completed in one session. First you will meet your instructor in the morning at 9am and be talked through equipment & it’s set-up. After receiving a thorough briefing, you will start with the pool session. If all the skills are successfully completed in one go, the pool session will conclude around 2 – 2:30pm. If  more time is needed to master the skills, we can also divide this into a morning and afternoon session. The duration of the confined session can depend on the number of students and how quickly they master the skills.

2: Your instructor will take you out on the boat to conduct your first two open water  dives. Underwater you will practice the skills which you learned in the pool the previous day. For the first day the maximum depth of the two dives is 12 meters.

3: Finally you will go out on the boat with your instructor to complete the last two open water dives. Similar to yesterday,  you will practice skills underwater which you learned in the pool on the first day. The maximum depth both of the last two dives will be 18 meters.

Basic survival skills need to be conducted during the course, these include 200m swim, 10 min float and a skin dive. A quick review of the theory will also be conducted prior to certification.


As a result, this certification allows you to dive to 18 meters with a buddy with equal or higher certification.

Advanced Open Water

Duration: 2 – 3 days
Prerequisites: PADI Open Water certification or equivalent

Advanced Open Water E-learning is also possible. First, you need to complete the theory part of the course online prior to arrival. This can be done on a computer or touchpad. We will provide you with a link to the theory when you book your course with us. (Not all of the Adventure Dives are available in E-learning)

Price: 470$

The Advanced Open Water course is made up of 5 Adventure Dives. The two mandatory dives are the Deep Dive (30m) and Underwater Navigation. You can  choose the next 3 adventure dives from: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Drift Dive, Search and Rescue, Boat Dive etc.  Not all Adventure Dives are available at Dive Point Zanzibar. Contact us to find out if we offer the course you are interested in.

You must complete a short knowledge review for each adventure dive in addition to skills underwater. Go out on the boat with your instructor and follow the standard dive program. Either on the 1st or 2nd day, you will do a third dive. This will take place after the second dive, or in the afternoon on a separate trip.

As a result you can to dive to a depth of 30 meters, with a buddy with equal or higher certification. Each adventure dive counts as a credit towards the relevant Speciality Course.

If you would like to enquire about such course, contact us.

Rescue Diver + EFR

Duration: 4 days.
Prerequisites: PADI Advanced Open water or and equivalent.

The Rescue Diver theory can also be completed with the E-learning. This is to be completed online, prior to arrival and can be done on a computer or Touchpad. When you book with us, we will provide you with a link to the theory.

Price: 550$


1: EFR – First you will need to take the Emergency First Response course. If you already have such a certification, this must have been completed in the last year and proof provided.
2: Spend today reviewing the theory followed by practicing the skills in the pool with your instructor.
3: You will be taken out on the boat for two dives. You will practice the necessary skills for the couse on these dives.
4: Lastly,  it’s out on the boat for two dives to practice the skills again in addition to the scenarios.

Rescue Diver certification allows you to: master very important safety and rescue skills. It is also a prerequisite for anyone interested in pursuing Divemaster certification.