Zanzibar dive against debris forces

Zanzibar dive against debris forces

linda bahari dive point team and salesforce team

When small little people do small little things for a bigger cause


When it was time for for team SalesForce to sacrifice their holiday plans, chilling on the beach and sipping margarita!

They took another way and opted for the option of diving against debris. Teaming up with Dive Point Zanzibar and Linda Bahari. The 20 salesforce team shown us that it is possible to work together.

Working together as one force, diving around Zanzibar and collecting trash. More than 500kg of plastic waste in Nungwi (north of Zanzibar) and Mnemba Atoll located on north east of Zanzibar have been removed from the water during this week.

With this amazing accomplishment from the team. New ideas came into Frank’s mind, a “cleaner2020”.

It marked the begining of our “CLEANER 2020” mission. This mission has been adopted to keep plastic waste off our beaches and out of our coral reef. The Dive Point and Linda bahari team took it grately.

Since then, the beach and dives clean up are part of the run.

The wastes from the dives are collected by ZANREC.

ZANREC is the island waste management company.

As Dive Point Zanzibar, we would like to extend our big thanks to the Sales force and Linda Bahari teams for dedicating their time and energy on helping to clean our ocean which is in grave need of our help before it’s too late.

We keep trying to improve the condition and take an active part in making a better future of our water and land.

If you would like to participate and/or create your own dive against debris for cleaner 2020 mission, please contact us for any ideas and more information. please follow dive point and linda bahari social media links to follow on the mission and updates


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