Daily Diving Program

with Dive Point Zanzibar

Morning Greetings

Our friendly and professional team will be happy to meet you and get you prepared for your days diving. Once we have sized you up, we head down to our jetty to board the boat or to take a short walk down our beautiful beach. Here in Zanzibar the tides vary greatly, so our method of boarding may also differ. This is dependent on the tides the day you dive. Transport for anyone with impairment in mobility can be arranged.


On our way…

Our boats leave in the mornings at 8:30am for two dives at two different locations around the island of Mnemba. Our staff will help you to board the boats safely. The trip to the first dive site takes approx. 25 minutes.


Dive 1

Your dive guide will help you with safety checks before entering the water and provide a dive briefing. The dive time is roughly 50 minutes, although this will depend on your air consumption.


Surface Interval

The surface interval is spent on the boat, where tea, water, fruits and snacks are served. Here you can enjoy the turquoise waters and tan on the deck or relax in the shade.


Dive 2

Once you are refreshed and rested, the boat will move to a different location. Here we will do our second dive of the day and then head to back to the dive center. The trip involves approximately 3 – 4 hours at sea. You can expect to be back at the dive centre around 1 – 2pm in the afternoon.


Back at the centre….

Your guide or instructor will hep you complete your log books and schedule your next dives!